Calling for your Madison Heights locksmith

You know you need your Madison Heights locksmith when you reach for that all important key to your main door or your car and it seems to have somehow eluded your purse or pocket. Although you know you are not going anywhere unless your locksmith calls in, the rule of the thumb is to first jiggle your door and ensure that it is not already open!


Many a customer would have called in a locksmith to pick an open door and still pay for it. When you use the phone book be sure to skim through and call in a locksmith who is local for there are many scam locksmiths listed. Their modus operandi would be to first offer a low quote and then they would escalate the cost once the job is done; however this is not how your neighborhood Madison Heights locksmith would operate.

Turning keys

One of the commonest causes of the key not turning within the lock is when the lock mechanism jams. Thus the preferred option is to use some lubricant like Silicone spray and then try to turn the key. More often than not, the key will turn and bring the tumblers down. It is only rarely that you would still need to call your Madison Heights locksmith. It is not rare for your Madison Heights locksmith to do the same and charge you an astronomical price for doing this.


 Exceptional Locks

Most of the locks in the market place can be provided with a duplicate key provided that your Madison Heights locksmith has the requisite expertise. It is only rarely that you would encounter a high security lock where the locksmith finds it beyond the duplicating jurisdiction. It is in situations such as these that your Madison Heights locksmith would need to cut through the lock and you would have to pay for a new installation.