The signs that your emergency locksmith is a crook



An example of an automated answer that one should expect is that this is a Madison Height locksmith and how will I help you. A factor that most locksmiths should know is that most locksmiths especially the ones that are operating illegally will not give out their names so as not to be subjected to the law.


The second tip that should be considered is that the crock locksmith does not usually arrive in a clearly labeled car. In some situation some locksmith may not use the company car due to emergency issues. The previous mentioned statement does not occur in a regularly basis. Due to promotion method the locksmith most ones will arrive at your premises with a labeled car with their logo printed on the vehicle. At this juncture once a locksmith company arrives at your premises with a private car, at sometimes you may have to reconsider and let him/her work only if he/she produces other methods that will certify that he/she is a real service provider sent to you by the legitimate company.


The third tip that most crook companies lack is that they cannot provide the proof of the insurance company or license that any insurance company will compensate them in the event of the loss. Since the crocked insurance company have the idea that insurance is mandatory for most insurance company. At this juncture once a particular locksmith arrives at your premises it would be advisable to ask him for the certificate of proof that he /she is licensed by an insurance company like the Madison Height Locksmith personnel. Most crock locksmith do not provide their real indication since the real identification will be used against them in any case the client will have the idea that the locksmith were crocked.